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Super Mario There are many secrets in any version of Super Mario and these secrets are quite able to make your passing the game levels much easier:
  • You will happen to find brick walls with special question-marked bricks practically on each step. Don't be lazy to jump and break them- they will always give you a pleasant surprise changing into coins-scores or mushrooms which increase the growth of your hero or into the flowers which can replace one unconquered Mario Brothers to another.
  • Some bricks are invisible and appear only by Mario's jump when he breaks them.
  • Jump to the passes concealed partially in the clouds- you will be certainly granted with a surprise looking as additional coins.
  • Having collected 100 coins you will get an additional live. Thus don't ignore these game bonuses, they will be always valuable.
  • Your enemies are also not going to make you only inconveniences all the time. Having jumped over one of them, you will increase your game scores; will have the opportunity to paralyze the other one for a certain time and escape quickly.
  • You will find the pipes everywhere and many of them are the passages to the secret rooms. Don't be too lazy to investigate them! You will either top your game account up or will get into a new adventure with the enemy, but why should one of funny brothers be afraid of difficulties?
Having overcome all the obstacles successfully, you and Mario will advance further and further. With each new level the tasks are going to become more and more difficult and there are new bonuses which help to manage them.
  • Catch the stars - they give a temporary protection from enemies, avoid green tortoises and biting plants that are taking your forces away.
  • If you jump over the tortoise, first it will be standing motionless. But this immobility is very illusive! Some seconds afterwards it will start to move along the pass at a breakneck speed and it would be better not to take the road of it. The only way out is to jump over it killing it completely.
  • One should not be afraid of biting plants only if your Mario has caught a star. Thus your hero will be covered with protective cocoon allowing him to withstand easy at least five mean tricks, which guileful Koopa has prepared for him.
  • Be careful and try not to fall in pits, cause the lives of your character are limited. In some versions of Super Mario game (for example flash games) the life is the only one.
But every your find, every new discovered secret, and every bonus you got are making you closer to the main objective point - to come into the castle, save princess and revive together a little world of fairy kingdom. Why can't you establish a new record according to the number of gained scores, killed enemies or discovered secrets? All you have to do is just to be capable to seek and discover secrets of this wonderful, ageless, super popular all over the world game Super Mario Bros!

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