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Super Mario The history of the Super Mario Bros game began from the similar film which was screened the last decade of the past millennium and won immediately the hearts of the fans that were fond of funny fairy adventures. Being at the same time the fans of console games, many of them wished to play Mario Bros. That's why the company Nintendo created this game for their customers. It's very easy to play it: the hero (one of Mario brothers being under your governess) moves inside the game space with the help of the arrows "left", "right" and "down", the jumps are fulfilled with the key "Z". During the game process you will have to collect coins-scores, get the victories over your enemies or escape from them, chase for bonuses which will give you additional opportunities. The main objective point of Super Mario is to reach the castle where a tyrant Koopa has settled and where has been confined the princess of this world.

There are already several generations of game players being fond of Super Mario in all its kinds and variants. Initially created for games consoles like Dendy, now Super Mario has turned out to be a hobby for million people. Even the beginner can manage to control the game process and the game will make pleasure even to very experienced player. Bright colored design, nice sound tracking and comfortable gameplay make Super Mario that game which is really worth playing.

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Download Super Mario Download Super Mario game. To play Super Mario you do not need to buy an expensive program. The access to the Internet gives the possibility to download game for your computer or mobile phone free of charge. Colored graphics, well-known plot and characters will absorb even veterans of Mario. Download game and install it absolutely free of charge - this will take just several minutes.
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Super Mario online Mario game online. If your Internet is very slow and its bandwidth is limited or you don't have any wish to install the game and would like to have one-minute fun, you need not download the full version of the game. There is a possibility to play flash version of Super Mario online. Playing online Mario is as easy as playing the ordinary game version. The applet on the flash will be opened in browser's window. It is downloading fast and responding well. The control is fulfilled with the help of above mentioned arrows. The difference of various game versions is negligible and is concluded mainly in the key controlling the jumps ("up" arrow or Z key) and in number of the lives as for your character. There may be different variants of the routs and number of bonuses but generally the game is quite easy and by minimal skills it will not take you any difficulties to play it. There are bright colors, funny adventures and many secrets waiting for you on different levels of the game. Welcome to the Super Mario Bros World!
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