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Super Mario Because of mobile phones popularity, the developers of popular games have to take to account the interests of this group of the players. This popular game telling about adventures of two brothers-plumbers Luigi and Mario, known as Super Mario, can not be called an exception. In the variant for mobile phones this game is developed under the name Super Mario Planet. All you need to do is to download Mario for mobile phone and after the game has been set - to penetrate into the world of adventures and princess' searches like in old-timey.

Differing from original version of the game, Mario for mobile phone suggests slightly changed game process although the characters remained the same. Here is necessary to run over the taut wires jumping over the enemies known from the other game parts and to collect coins, lives and other bonuses. The amount of the enemies will be increasing with each level and sometimes you will have to rely not only on your reaction but to show some wit.

Game screenshots

Mario mobile game screenshot Screenshot of the Super Mario mobile Super Mario mobile screenshot
Screenshot of the Mario game for phone Super Mario game for mobile phone screenshot


The controlling process in Super Mario for mobile phones can be considered as usual one: this is joystick or digital keys for dialing the number (which can be used as joystick's analogue) allowing to the main character to advance or retreat and to jump up and down. Among available game modes you will find a training mode that will help you to manage a controlling process of Super Mario in several minutes. Besides there are two modes of difficulty and each of them has several levels. For getting the opportunity to play in more difficult mode, you have to pass through the middle one completely.
Controls and settings
The mobile game can be started on the telephones supporting Java. After the process of downloading which depends on telephone's model, you should run jar or jad file for game's installation. Both of the files should be kept in the same handy's folder.

Though there are some differentiations from the game Nintendo, owing to colored graphics and well-considered levels both types of fans (old and new) can greatly enjoy the game process in Mario. Here you will never be bored!

Don't waste your time - press the link "download Mario for telephone" which is above and enjoy an excellent game.

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