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Super Mario Being funny and having an easy game process, the game Super Mario will be interesting for all who is sick of endless cruelty of shootings and misses good 2D wanderings. Having downloaded it, you will not be disappointed because apart from all expecting you pleasures and interesting moments, there is an undermentioned noble aim.

When you happen to go to the game Super Mario, you will forget that it belongs to platform games. Thus, it will be you who will be fighting for freedom for nice, friendly Mushrooms, enslaved by an evil tyrant Koopa! And you are the very person who will have to become a hero of defenseless nation! If you won't who will? You are unconquerable Super Mario Brothers!

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Screenshot of the Mario game Screenshot of the Super Mario Super Mario Bros screenshot
Super Mario 3 image Mario Forever game screenshot


Mario's aims and tasks
The new possibilities will be expecting you on each step. Having discovered that the "pipes" will be able to advance you to the next level of the game, you can travel, escape extraordinary enemies or collect with pleasure the coins. Having found in Super Mario the next "passage", you can not only advance to the next level, but find yourself in one of the neighboring world previously belonged to Mushrooms as well but now being under Koopa's power. With each level and with each new world the tasks will become more and more difficult but your possibilities will be increased too! Besides, when all bad tortoises and other monsters are conquered and you are not in a hurry, you will wander a little around the neighborhoods, and can find the Mushrooms, that will certainly help you or grant you a pleasant smile (believe us, their saving is really worthy of it). Having conquered Koopa and making Mushrooms free, you will certainly be eager to return again into a fairy world of Super Mario.

Colored graphic, funny musical effects and easy game control - there is not a full amount of delights which would surprise and give you a pleasure after downloading the game Super Mario. In addition to all above mentioned, there are a lot of surprises namely: bonuses and secret ways, amazing enemies and unexpected transformation of your hero-all of this is expecting your coming. Having downloaded the game Super Mario 3 free of charge, you can have a rest from the furious pace of the present day.

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